Synth A - Ignition of the Sun

Synthi A – Ignition of the Sun


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Available on Compact Disc, MP3 (320kbps) and FLAC

Coming from the home of Future Sound of London and credited to their ‘producer’ Yage, Ignition of the sun is a deep and evolving journey through liquid spewing analogue sequences, warm saturated swampy sine waves. It calls back to a time from the early 70s with bands such as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.

All sounds were created and sequenced entirely on the EMS Synthi AKS, multitracked and mixed to 15ips 1/4 Revox tape. The EMS Synthi AKS was first introduced in 1971, one of the earliest Synthesisers available and as used by Radiophonic Workshop, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno.


  • 01 – Ignition of the Sun
  • 02 – Garden of Syn
  • 03 – Pathway to I
  • 04 – Rutt Etra
  • 05 – Subterranean Hattusa
  • 06 – Oblique Towers
  • 07 – Disparity in Oscillations Ab
  • 08 – Bridge Between Tal
  • 09 – Rivers of Occasion
  • 10 – Opalis Amar Xam
  • 11 – Moons in Dissidence
  • 12 – Liquid Light Voids
  • 13 – Return Beyond the Inner Voice

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