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As early as 2005 Kettel and Secede hatched plans to produce a full-length collab. The two friends have been working together, on and off, to grow a style and craft an album that wouldn’t be just a merger or an addition, but that would render a genuine novelty. This year they delivered.

When Can is a treasure. Genreless and unique on all counts. Based on composition and ideas, not on form or hype. The eleven tracks are hauntingly diverse, yet each track seamlessly blends into one whole. Explore it. When Can will surprise.

Secede is the stage name of Lennard van der Last. Two years after Secede’s debut Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic in 2003, Secede released Tryshasla, an album that gained a legendary status in the ambient-music community. After Tryshasla, Secede has produced two more releases: the Perspeeks 12” with Kettel, and the Vega Libre EP. When Can is Secede’s comeback after 5 years of radio silence and proves a perfect podium to exhibit his talents for musical exploration and storytelling once again.

Kettel is Reimer Eising. Kettel’s list of work is too long to discuss in full detail, and contains too many highlights to confine to the highlights. Kettel started to release electronic music on the Planet Mu label in 2001. Since then Kettel has received praise and love for his playful, romantic and melodic music. After more than 10 years of producing music for CD and vinyl as well as composing for film, TV commercials and video games, Kettel has developed his own style in a broad musical spectrum, ranging from purely electronic music such as ambient and idm to more cinematic compositions.

Sending Orbs is an electronic record label based out of Groningen, The Netherlands, and was founded in 2005. Sending Orbs has released albums by Kettel, Secede, Yagya, Funckarma, Blamstrain, Legiac and Markus Guentner. Sending Orbs is managed by Kristian Peters.


01 – A New Factory (1:15)
02 – Kirsten (4:24)
03 – Admittance (5:03)
04 – Pentimento (2:15)
05 – Ringvanes (6:11)
06 – Missing Time (2:21)
07 – Jahe (5:11)
08 – Deliria Noon (6:15)
09 – Fullmoon (6:12)
10 – Grandcan (3:07)
11 – Canned Forever (8:53)

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